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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What A Bargain!

We are all in tough economic times, and as an artist, I am always looking for bargains on supplies and materials for my studio. I have “re-purposed” numerous items for my studio - among them, cast-off rolling file bins from work (these came without lids, but have a shelf underneath and they hold my various sketchbooks, paper pads and photo mats!). The nice thing is that they have wheels and can be rolled around the studio wherever I need them. They are metal so I can use magnets on them as well.

Whenever my company (I work full time as a print production artist, and work evenings in my home studio as a fine artist) has a free to employees supply day, I look around and scrounge through the cast-off former office supplies, and over the years I have been rewarded with everything from staplers to metal file cabinets, adjustable office chairs to undershelf lamps. I don’t mind the “scratch and dent” condition and with a little black paint can make them look just like new! And my studio is an eclectic mix, so things don’t have to match to suit me. My main goal in my studio equipment and storage is functionality since my studio room is so small.

My company recently purchased brand new, state-of-the-art computers for us and decided to generously sell us the older computers. I could not afford a brand new computer, but submitted my name for one of the used computers which is still a powerhouse compared to my old tired Mac. The company had a drawing and I was one of the lucky ones to have my name drawn. So my “new” computer which I proudly dubbed “Mackenstein” has become my newest acquisition for my studio and quite a bargain at that!

My husband and I are avid yard-salers and I have found numerous bargains on art supplies, frames, and reference books for little or no cost. I once picked up a brand new set of Rembrandt pastels for $1.00, a metal studio easel for $5.00 and just yesterday found an estate sale where one of the owners was a draftsman and artist. I got a HUGE pad of watercolor paper for $1.00, an antique oval mahogany frame for $1.00, and a custom framed print for $2.00, and several art reference books!

Since I have a shoestring budget, I cannot afford to have my art custom framed, but I can find custom framed prints at yard sales for next to nothing and re-use the frames for my art. Plus it is always fun looking and on several occasions I have met other artists and have enjoyed talking about our work!

Someday I hope to have a bigger, more organized studio. But for now I am happy to just simply have a place to create my art!

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