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Monday, July 13, 2009

Organizing My Studio

It all started with helping a friend get ready to move and ended up with a total reorganization of my little studio. My already bulging at the seams house was not ready for any more furniture, but my friend had a gorgeous little oak triple shelf that looked just big enough to hold my nature reference books, Audubon guides, and my Foxfire series, etc. These rather small books had taken up residence on the top shelf of the converted closet space and to reach them I had to use a small step stool which of course meant that I seldom bothered. They were too high up and I would have to move my easels aside every time. So I measured and yes, the shelf would fit, although snugly, in the closet.

So I moved two of my recycled rolling bins into the hall closet outside the studio and placed the shelf in the closet - voila! But I had moved a bunch of stuff off of the existing shelf and now had to figure out where to put those items, so for the past couple of weeks I have been slowly rearranging my workspace and my poor drawing table has had to act as support for piles of art-related “stuff” which left me no room to draw!

The best I could do was a few sketches, but at least my small studio is starting to make sense and become more functional. And now I am hoping to have a new computer in a couple of weeks which will entail moving the old computer out and putting the new one in, so my space will be disorganized again!

I attended the monthly meeting of PPAS (Pinellas Park Art Society) tonight and was very excited to receive a third place for my drawing of Penny entitled “Loyalty”. My niece will be thrilled that her dog’s portrait won an award! Penny will probably just want a dog biscuit for posing for me!

While there, some members of our group gave a very nice discussion concerning artist trading cards. These are little 2.5 x 3 inch cards that artists draw or paint on and then they trade them with other artists at shows and meets - similar to baseball trading cards. They are both very accomplished artists and had some beautiful examples of their little artistic gems to show us. In addition, they gave us a couple of cards of our own to do and bring back to our Sept. meeting where we can trade them - clever idea and wonderful way to not only share our talents, but a great way to spread joy in these tough economic times.

I will be getting back to my paintings this week and hope to have my mallard painting posted up here soon. Be sure to check back!


  1. Ooh! ATC -- Artist Trading Cards! I want one! Or some! Or lots! I don't currently have the courage to join something like PPAS, but it sure has me thinking ...

  2. At least you can make some room next month with the garage sale. :)