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Monday, May 25, 2009

Interesting Challenge!

The local art society that I am a member of hosts monthly themed shows. This month the theme is black and white and one other color. I enjoy working with a limited palette, but usually I have a minimum of 6-8 colors. For this project I chose to work in acrylics using Mars black, titanium white and ultramarine blue.

For my subject I decided to do a native American war pony at night. I have loved and drawn horses since I was age three. They say most little girls outgrow their love of horses, but I never did, and I still think they are one of the most majestic and fascinating of God’s creatures.

I started the painting yesterday, and I am hoping to spend most of my day in the studio completing it today. I will post up a pic soon. Time to get my coffee and get back to painting…

UPDATE 5/29/09: I am just about finished with the painting. It HAS been a challenge!! Between working overtime on my full time job and squeezing in an hour here and there, I have managed to get it done. The three colors I chose were difficult to work with in that everything looked monochromatic without enough contrast. I kept lightening up and toning down areas until it looked acceptable. My painting looks like a moonlight night pic! I will post up a pic of the finished piece tonight and as always, please feel free to offer comments, critiques, etc. I am always learning and appreciate the feedback!

UPDATE 5/30/09: Finally finished “Two Feathers” this morning and entered him in the June 2009 at Pinellas Park Art Society. I also entered a scratchboard “Watcher” that was black and white with yellow. Both pieces were interesting to do and I enjoyed the challenge of working with a very limited palette!

UPDATE 6/8: My scratchboard of “Watcher” the owl won first place at the Pinellas Park Art Society June Show! I am hoping to teach a scratchboard class soon at the society and share the fun of this interesting medium!

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